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East to West Missions is a Non-profit organization created due to recognition of a need to support missionaries and missions that were independent or unsponsored by larger organizations.
Also to provide a nonprofit organization for donors who want to know that every cent of their donation (besides payment processing costs) would go to supporting the spread of the gospel. The Board of Directors committed themselves to personally finance all extraneous costs of maintaining the organization ie, website fees, IRS and CA state costs, and there would be no compensation or salary paid to any directors or employees.

What's in a name you ask?
"East to West" holds meaning for us in several ways:
First of all, we generally think of missionaries as going out from the US/Western Hemisphere to the East or South but a particularly meaningful missionary family came to us from the East to the West.
Secondly, we believe in the sanctuary message and the process of sanctification through the sanctuary moves us the sinner from East to West of the sanctuary to become sanctified and glorified in Christ.
More broadly, in the very beginning, our first parents sinned and were kicked out of the Garden of Eden eastward and ever since humanity should be striving to move figuratively westward back towards the Garden and the Tree of Life where Jesus Christ is waiting for us.
Thirdly, the song linked in this website refers to Psalms 103:12 that teaches our Savior Jesus removes us from our sin as far as the East is from the West.

Praise our amazing Lord who created even the very directions of our  world and universe and yet has love for each of one of us to reach out to us and save us!

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Thoughts from the President

Have you ever asked yourself what am I doing with my life? Does God want me to give up everything and be a foreign missionary? I have. Prayerful consideration has led me to conclude that this season in my life is not it. However, I was also impressed that if I myself can not go, then with the blessings God has provided me that I must support those who have been called. This is the primary reason my wife and I started this organization. If you feel the same, consider who and how you want to support and let's do our part together. Your Brother in Christ, Lawrence Won

  • Santa Cruz, California, United States